Monday, January 14, 2013

Origin of #FranksFight

When Frank was first diagnosed with cancer we decided not to tell anyone except for close family and friends. We wanted to battle this sickness and get rid of it. We started to see many things were not covered under insurance however depleted our life savings to get Frank everything he needed. Our car died upon arriving at Frank's uncle's wake however we could not afford to replace it and had to worry about Frank beating cancer so just got over it and scrapped it. On October 21, 2011 Frank had his last dose of chemotherapy and was told he had kicked cancer's ass so we were happy we made it through and even though we had no money or car he had his life and that was enough. We went on to think everything would now get better however something else happen. In February Frank started to get sick and by May we were told he had cancer back again for the second time. We were devastated and knew we could not make it again through this without help. Frank reached out to the UG with a thread that would forever change everything. The UG stepped up and started to help with donation's, support, tee-shirt creation, and other things. One tee-shirt contest would put everyone on twitter and here is where the #FranksFight hashtag was born. Since I was brand new to twitter I was able to locate everything happening with #FranksFight on twitter through this creation.

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